Celestial Heaven (purekitte) wrote,
Celestial Heaven

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woo hoo!

Check it out!

i'm getting a free new webcam from Comcast... gotta love that promotion ;)

my current cam is so old... it's basically dirt...
it was given to me by an old roommate when i was still at west virginia wesleyan college...

i used to get online with it all the time, that was back when! lol

now that i have a new one, maybe i'll find a way to integrate it into my new website and it'll be sweeeet! you can watch me being goofy retarded again! i know i used to talk to decima while i was on cam while i was painting! i miss that...

now what i really need to make my website work is:

*a design for PHP photo layout
*a new digital camera with a flip lense/screen
*a host and the info needed to get my webcam up and running on my site when it gets here in a few weeks

then we'll be in business!

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