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by sometime tomorrow i should have some art on my site!

woo hoo!!!

still trying to figure out how i can make a frame on the site itself that will open the pics inside the page versus having them open to blank pages... let me know if you know how i can go about adding the html for it...

it pays to take a weekend out to do this stuff... i took a few breaks from it of course, but i've been working to get it up as quick as i can... it's going to have some changes made to it, but it's at least got to have the base complete and up. I'm tired of not having anything up and viewable.

i put a bonus feature on my site too! if you click the link for "Random" you'll see my OLD "ask kitte" answer generator! it's back!!! i'm not so sure if this was ever on my site, but it was made a long time ago and kept as a prototype. i kept it *almost* exactly the same! so for anyone who was a fan of "ask kitte" (nudges mr_kaos) it will be coming back soon enough, in the meantime... this is for you! :)

anyways, i'm excited! more stuff coming soon!!! off to bed... 4:30am wake up call! ick!!!


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