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i am such a mess!!! i've been trying to organize ALL of my photos... man! it's a task! i can't come up with the best way to organize them... i guess they've just been random for so long that it's now become one hell of a thing to try to go back in and find the images i'm looking for.

whew! what a mess...

in the meantime though i am finding some pretty interesting pictures...

who remembers when i did this???

haha i had almost forgotten about it completely! i did feel a lot cooler and lighter that summer though...

or how about the time Tasha, Lindsey, and I went to the dirty bookstore to buy a dildo (because according to them i had to) and came home with a wacky double dong?

wow, i looked soooo different back then!!!!!! sheesh... well, here's a recent one just to break it up a bit...


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