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SN - Dean

good times

Posted on 2005.07.28 at 09:30
Current Mood: crappycrappy
my body has been acting up like a mess lately...

super tired, sick to my stomach, stress

i hate that i've been late to work almost every day this week because i've either overslept or thrown up... starts the day off great!

then i just feel that everyone is in things against me, i'm constantly running things in this office, it runs much more smoothly if i am here, but if i do one thing wrong then i get shit on.

i'm stressed out, i have more bills than what i can handle right now, the woman i work with is driving me absolutely crazy, i won't be getting a raise until january (my one year here... i did recieve a quarter raise after the first 3 months but it just barely covers over my insurance cost), my system is going crazy and i have to continuously visit my doctor, i feel that everything around me is spinning out of control and i can barely get a grip.

i'm sad today.


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