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SN - Dean

family secrets...

Posted on 2005.08.06 at 22:58
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
i just learned my families darkest secret...

of course i can't repeat it... it's horrible... i can't believe my family could ever have such a deeply engraved lie to the point that it could single handedly destroy the lives of an entire branch of the twisted, dying tree we already rot in...

i can't understand how someone could face themselves in the mirror every day knowing that they've been holding a terrible secret for over 30 years.


this month is just shit... things are already bad for me financially this month... and the move is stressing me out... on top of it i'm just so depressed now, especially knowing what i know and there's nothing i can do about it.

i wish i had a solution but i just don't, and it sucks.


pinkpixies7 at 2005-08-07 16:04 (UTC) (Link)
Anything I can do to help? It sucks because I actually wouldn't mind buying your bed off you. I am moving in the fall at some point and will be in need of a bed, but coming up with cash/ a place to store it right now could cause problems! I hope everything works itself out regarding your family secret. I'll call ya later!
Celestial Heaven
purekitte at 2005-08-07 16:35 (UTC) (Link)
well, storage isn't an issue... it could stay right here, Nader isn't moving for another year and a half so he said anything i needed to leave here can stay here till i come and get it. pretty decent of him :)

i know about the $$ thing cause you're off to fetish con! man, that's coming up really quick too! you'll have a blast i'm sure! and hey, if you pay for your trip by doing shoots you'll have plenty for the bed :)

if you want it i'd give ya the whole thing for $150: bed, mattress, pillow top, and all the sheets i have for it.

if i still have it when you get back and you are rollin' in the dough from being sexy, it's all yours girl. ;)

yea... my mom dropped a bomb on me... it's just some knowledge about my family that i never would have known existed, it would make for a killer soap opera.
pinkpixies7 at 2005-08-07 17:20 (UTC) (Link)
150 eh? Yeah I hope ya still have it...I could hopefully pay for it after the con, or surely in payments if I don't get shoots while down there! yeah it is coming up reeeeally soon. Good god. i'd have the cash if I wasn't about to travel! AH!
Celestial Heaven
purekitte at 2005-08-07 20:59 (UTC) (Link)
yea not bad considering i've only used it for about a year and a half now... i think we paid somewhere around $200 for it plus ivey bought me the mattress pad for like $60, the flannel sheets i have were only used during last winter... and the leopard sheets are just our style ;)
pinkpixies7 at 2005-08-07 21:59 (UTC) (Link)
hmmm tell ya what...no matter what...ill get the money to you. I had 200 dollars in the budget as spending money at the con. I think having a bed is more important. I can give it to ya in cash whenever your free!
Celestial Heaven
purekitte at 2005-08-08 01:28 (UTC) (Link)
you're a sweetheart :)

i'm glad you'll have it, i hope it's good to ya! hehe
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