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so we were to pick up the rest of my things on the 3rd (this saturday... Ivey's birthday is on Sunday..) and my roommate knew that... and he calls me JUST 15 MINUTES AGO here at work to tell me his roommate now wants to move in on the first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a bastard!

i'm so flippin' pissed off right now... i could really just scream and flip out if i do run into him when i go there tonight because i have to grab up the rest of my shit there so that Ivey can go in tomorrow and pick up the rest of the furniture. i mean, this is ridiculous!!!!

first off, he's pushing me to move earlier and earlier
second, he's told me that we could store certain things there that i couldn't take up right away... and now he's asking me to get it out of the way
third, he tried to screw my parents into giving him money

i know he's off today, if he knows what's good for him he won't dare come into the apartment while i am there... i will freak out on him at this point.

i'm so angry there's not even words... i'm sure i'm not even piecing this together totally right now since i'm so mad, i appologize for that. but i think the frustration speaks for itself anyways.

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