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hooked up!

So my father decided to buy me a birthday present this year... he got me a 32" JVC I'ART FLAT SCREEN TV!!

w00 h00!!! it's massive!!! i feel like i'm at the movie theater sitting on my sofa... the next Slumber Party Massacre is going to rule!!! hrmm i guess i should really start planning the next one soon shouldn't i?? i can't believe it's October already!

This weekend = Moraxian in a fearsome trio photoshoot with Faith & Kat (whom i'm excited to finally be meeting!) as i've been told this shoot will run @ 6 hours! (knowing how many shots Moraxian gets usually i can only imagine the massive scale this is on! hehe) i'll fill in on the details as i get 'em. (hint, hint moraxian!)

all for now... back to work... i'll fill in on the rest of my weekend later...

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