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okay so it's been a week!

sorry i didn't get to check back, things have been super hectic with work. one of our peeps called out for the week so i've been moving shifts around to come in and cover for her. yay for 5:30am every day!

my surgery last thursday went off without a hitch, i was completely numb so it was all good... my mom came up to take me. she's so sweet! she even brought me a new chenielle blanket to cuddle up to afterwards :) we even went out for sushi with ivey when the precedure was finished.(we actually did that as a treat for me AND mom since she just can't get sushi fresh from the restaurant in st. mary's like we do here in b'more)

saturday night was "SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II" at our place, victims: faith, veto, ivey, lauren, me... not a big bloodbath... more like a nice, refreshing, lukewarm puddle of ick. We watched "NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET", hell... i can't remember which one we watched first...

then we watched the BEST MOVIE EVER on sci-fi at 9pm... "RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD: RAVE TO THE GRAVE"

i mean, look at that... it was SOOO aweful that it ruled. there was one guy who looked just like the guy from those "poser mobile" commercials...

You're outta pre paid minutes yo!!!

Celestial "Kitte"

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