Celestial Heaven (purekitte) wrote,
Celestial Heaven

cancelled trips

i'm not going camping this weekend, the weather is calling for lots of rain and sleet in jersey... we decided it wasn't ideal for our hiking/camping trip. especially it being my first time, the guys kept saying if that was my first experience that i may decide that i never want to go again.

so now i'm off for a long weekend for no rhyme or reason! lol i thought it might be nice to take ivey down to st. mary's co. but he made the mistake of telling his boss he wasn't going and now he has to work... duh!

***there's a party at casey's house... most likely not going to go since she ditches us all the time.
she invited her parents and sister... akward... she also invited mark & his girlfriend (who's a total buzzkill... casey doesn't even want her there!) and on top of it all she didn't invite lauren (who always invites her)... they would know each other a little better if casey would actually show up when she says she will...

***electroshock-saturday night... faith invited me to go out and broomstick boogie the night away at electroshock's halloween celebratory eve. i might go...

***other goings ons... my deci is in baltimore now! i would love to run into her if we get the chance!

***haunted places... went to jason's woods last year, it would be kinda fun to go to the zoo boo... or the Bennett's Curse house of vampyres... something like that... lauren wants to do something like that too.

***my car sucks so at least one full day this weekend i'll be getting new brakes put in...

***studying for an exam i have on wednesday...yay...

i'm sure there is some other shit going on, i just can't think of it all! i'm so tired, i think this time off might be good for some r & r


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