Celestial Heaven (purekitte) wrote,
Celestial Heaven

one of those things

i love my job most days, but i don't know how long that feeling is going to last. it makes me want to cry to think that they keep making things more difficult for my department all of the time...

it's really beginning to stress me out so bad that i actually was almost in tears today! (that's not such an easy task cause i be some tough cookies)

other people around here have felt this same way for a while, but it wasn't affecting me as bad until they struck a cord today... it is bad enough that i should be promoted to manager of my department, but they have a "freeze"... how convienient. why pay someone to run it when you can underpay a full time employee to try to keep things together just enough so that they won't fall apart...

the news today that flipped me was that they are now going to start swapping days between the front desk workers and the ays workers, we will also be issued uniforms... you know what? fuck that seriously. we're not being paid any more money to do twice the job??? why?! i don't think this shit is right...

we're understaffed... we're without a manager.... and now we have to be FULLY trained to work the front desk?! if i fucking wanted to work at the front desk i would work there. i don't want to have to deal with more shit on my plate than i already have to!!!

that's the last straw i think... i was probably giving this place way too much credit... i will wait and see what january brings.... if not a good enough raise is recieved i'll simply go on my vacation (since i will have earned it) and quit.


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