April 14th, 2005

SN - Dean

Jimmy's Wedding: A Trip Home

I visit home this weekend for my friend Jimmy's wedding on Saturday (9th), actually it was the first wedding I've ever been to (surprising enough that it was for Jimbo!), everything was lovely. His wife, Tosha, is really sweet and seems to have a lot in common with Jimmy. I think I almost cried when Jimmy was saying his vows and started choking up... you can tell he loves her deeply. :)

The reception was nice too, my mom and I had both gone and we really didn't know many people... but we were really happy when we met the family sitting at our table, everyone got along so well! My mom had a dancing buddy and I had a smoking buddy... Tosha and I had never met before this and she said she had heard a lot about me and she seemed genuinely happy that we came, so did Jimmy's mother. I hadn't seen her in ages! Everything was just so cool :) I'm honored that he remembered to include us, and that he shares the same values and said "It doesn't matter how long it's been since we've been in touch, it still always feels like just yesterday and that we've always been friends no matter what." Awe :) I love Jimbo, I am just so happy for him that he's found his soul mate. I'll have to put a picture up later of the newlyweds dancing at the reception.

Also when I went home... there had been a leak in the roof over the green room and it had torn down the ceiling and flooded in there since the last trip I made home... *sighs* ...my poor mother! So I figured on Sunday I would help her go through all of the things in the room and clean it up. So I was busy sorting through all of her books and scrapbooks, photos and theater materials, throwing away anything that was ruined by the flood and salvaging others that I could. During the process I found a TON of pictures and scraps that I had kept over my high school and middle school days (about 3 boxes full to be exact!) And most of it was kept from being destroyed, I only lost one set of photos... it's a shame, but I'm lucky it wasn't more. So I took all the things I had rediscovered and threw them into my trunk to look at later... I couldn't believe it! Wow, talk about memories... photos from a trip to Toby's Dinner Theater from chorus in 8th grade, 7th grade recess, my first prom all the way through my last prom, and the infamous writers society (which by the way fully fills one shoebox!) I just couldn't believe how close I came to losing all of these captured memories... it makes me all the more convinced that I need to get a scanner, scan ALL of these things and put them on disk. I also need to get back into scrapbooking and put them all in some books.

I would love to have more contact with everyone from those times, we were all so close... I still fully believe that no matter how far away I will always hold everyone who was dear to me close in memory and thoughts. It doesn't matter how many squabbles and fights and what-nots... I think at some point in our lives now we all sit back and wonder how each other is doing... Do they remember our "Future Predictions" or Twin Days? Do they remember Waddles dancing? Does anyone ever think about Mr. Campbell and ask whether or not he's still got the mullet? Do you remember James and Mister Cup or further back... Fishie? I remember Fishie! I miss that guy with the technicolor hairstyles... did anyone else share ice cream with Terri after school? Do you remember being so different from everyone else only to find each other and be proud of our uniqueness? Writer's Society was more than a fun time for me... it was a real experience, something that tied us all together for life! It was something that WE started... Writer's Society was first initiated as a club group in 1996. We know how it all began! When all of us original members finally were out of the picture we definitely weren't forgotten... we were the witches, warlocks, weirdos, and freaks... the artists, poets, hippies, musicians, losers, and homosexuals... hell, we were even platypi. Waddles was remembered long after we had left and gone... I had even heard that there was a new platypus in his place named after him. I'm surprised they haven't made the platypus the new mascot as many times as he was seen in the yearbook! LOL
Anyways... maybe that brought back some memories for some of you as well, I hope some people who were there got the opportunity to read this little tidbit of memory lane and maybe it sparked some for you as it did for me :)

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