April 21st, 2005

SN - Dean

Why so suddenly?

My coworker, Luril, died suddenly today...

last night she suffered from a massive heart attack which left her brain damaged and today she was taken off the respirator... just like that. no warnings...

i don't even know what to think right now...

my other coworker keeps asking me if i would like to go to lunch. and the evil part of me wishes it was her and not Luril... somewhere out there Luril is looking down and thinking the same thing.

i shouldn't think that way about anyone, but Luril's out there somewhere laughing because i did... and that makes it worth it ;)


In attempt to lighten my topic...

The No-Hassle Day Planner for the Clinically Insane by MilesToGo13
This morning, you should...check to see how the guests you keep in the basement are doing, and perhaps refill their water bowl.
Then, after lunch...randomly bite people, informing them that they are now zombies and should therefore give you their vending machine change, since they will no longer be needing it.
Dinner will consist of...three fifths of Jack, a pack of smokes, and some Valium.
Afterwards, you set off into the evening to...finally get around to starting that suicide cult you've been meaning to get off the ground...which reminds you that you need to pick up some Kool-Aid from the store.
At the height of your madness, you will calldemedulce
And the two of you will proceed to...have an intense shouting match that the police will be called to over which chipmunk was Chip, and which one was Dale.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

And yes, I need lots and lots of liqour right now.
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SN - Dean

A basic system

does anyone want to buy an old computer... i've got one I was going to give to Luril for $150... it's just an old basic that was built by my dad... the one I've been using for the past 4 years. It's got a 15" monitor, nice speakers with a subwoof, and a new cd burner also brand new keyboard and mouse too... that's probably majority of the cost right there... lol.

Ah well, if anyone's interested... let me know.

I would not be offended if someone wants it for parts. LOL

I'm going to head to bed early today... it's been quite a day.

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