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April 22nd, 2005

SN - Dean

The Family

Posted on 2005.04.22 at 11:31
Current Mood: workingworking
I know since I changed from purekitte to purekitte It's actually been a long time between postings... I'm trying to make up for all of that lost time and I just realized I have not posted my new baby pictures!!! I'm currently working on my website... so I will have more to come soon... but for now I have these buttons made that I can show you all my babies.

The fuzzy family:

Love Bug is the latest addition, she became part of my family in February 2005. She's so dark in color... She's beautiful! But soooo bratty!!!

Mokey Fraggle is the oldest now since April 2002. Look! She's getting lighter with age!

Bilbo Baggins (the big boy) is the middle child and was rescued from Petco in February of 2004. He's the prettiest color... I would love to show him!

Of course I included Smithy... I miss my baby...

So what do you think of these buttons? I thought they were just so cute!

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