June 3rd, 2005

SN - Dean

Stolen from Brian who stole it from Ryan

-First job: New Horizons Handicapped Childrens Camp

-First pet: Crystal, persian kitty

-First piercing/tattoo: piercing=ears / tattoo=leopard kitten on my back

-First credit card: Visa

-First real kiss: Justin, in 8th grade

-First love: First guy I thought loved was Justin. First guy I really loved was Lewie...

-First enemy: Billy Cox... he was always trying to catch a glimpse of my "boobies" at recess in 5th grade. grr!

-First favorite Band: Pink Floyd


-Last relationship: Currently still in it :)

-Last library book checked out: Hrmmm... I usually just own my books... I think it was a book about pin-up models in the 50's and all that cheesecake.

-Last movie watched: "The Life Aquatic" with Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jeff Goldblume, and other awesome cast peoples.

-Last beverage drank: Hot Chocolate!

-Last food consumed: a vegetable/fruit nutrition bar (yum)

-Last time showered: this morning

-Last CD played: The "So I Married and Axe Murderer" Soundtrack was playing in my car on the way to work ;)

-Last website visited: www.myspace.com

N O W:

-Single or Taken: Taken

-Crush: Johnny Depp

-Birthday: 9-26-1981

-Sign: Libra

-Siblings: 18 year old brother, Sky

-Hair color: Bloody Mary Mix... a mix of brown, reds, and blondes

-Eye color: Hazel nut crunch

-Height: 5'2"


-Wearing: brown pants, brown and black striped top, and my gray hoodie cause it's freezing in here!

-Wanting: To go back to bed!!!

F A V O R I T E S:

-Favorite song: "Love Song" by the Cure (I think that's been the same since early high school)

-Favorite movie: "The Lost Boys"

-Favorite show: "The State" i miss that show...

-Favorite word/phrase: Shattastic!

-Favorite holiday: Halloween :)

R A N D O M:

-What are you going to do after this: continue working... meh.

-Who's someone you wish you could sleep with but can't: Johnny Depp

-Do you drink alcohol: Not as much as I used to, but hell yea i still wanna party down whenever someone is willing to join me ;)

-How many times a week do you drink? at this point maybe every two weeks or so.

-Do you think you're attractive: I'm nothing spectacular, but sure... I would do me ;)

-Do you want to be young forever?: Duh!
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