June 8th, 2005

SN - Dean

okie dokie! today's news...

just got home from a really long day! of course the first thing i see as i signed on here was this:

Account type: Permanent Account


i guess this means purekitte is here to stay thanks to my jac rabbit ;)
((btw- now you'll never get rid of me! mwah! i pwomise to be good and post!))

in other news today, i took Mokey to the vet and it turns out just as i thought. she's just changed behavior, everything else is normal. she's so runtish though! she only weighs in at 106 grams! we didn't get her blood tested for adv or ags today. she feels fine and her eating habits and stool is normal so the vet didn't feel it was essential to check for it this time. she agreed it's probably the stress of the new baby and losing her cagemate. they're really good to my babies there, i take them to a little place in Glen Rock called "Old Trail" and the prices are very affordable! for the distemper and rabies shot plus general check up it was only $48!

the next time i take Bilbo i am thinking i will set up an appointment soon after his shots to get him adv tested so that i can try to show him at one of the Baltimore Ferret Club shows... does anyone know how entering those works? he's so pretty... i'd love to show him off! as for Love Bug, i think i'm going to try to mate her up with Bilbo... but if they don't get along well enough to share a home she'll have to go... it's unfortunate, but when it comes down to it that's just reality. Mokey and Bilbo have seniority with me... i love all 3 of them, but if she's the trouble maker i can't have her here and i won't have the room for her to have a seperate cage... i also hate the idea of spending seperate times running... it's a lot more trouble for me to deal with than if they all got along.

other than these things i did lots of laundry today at Ivey's place *his and mine* and did some gardening in his little section of yard by the apartment where Smith is buried. i did finally get her a beautiful gravestone, it's a Celtic cross of course! i picked it up at Valley View farms. they've got such great sculptures there. i had seen it around Christmas time and it was cracked in half and placed back together. it was 50% off then... after Smith passed it had crossed my mind to go get it as her marker, but i thought it must've been picked up. the last time i went i saw it there again but it was priced back up to $40! so i brought it to the clerks attention and he said "would you buy it today if i gave it to you half price?" of course i said yes and bought it! it looks great there too. i know when we move we're taking it and Smith with us... as weird as that is, yes... we are going to dig up her little tupperware grave and move her with us.

anyways... those are my current thoughts.

tomorrow i shall be going to the American Indian Museum with Swolfy! that means D.C. again!! how weird, that's twice in one week!

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