June 16th, 2005

SN - Dean

15 Reasons to be HAPPY, especially for the ladies ;)

1. Who knew? Alcohol improves your memory. >>Moderate alcohol consumption actually sharpens your mind and decreases the risk of dementia as you age. Warning: Swigging the entire bottle of wine, however, will most likely lead to forgetting the events of the night.

2. Painful stilletos? History! >>An adjustable high heel shoe has been created by a student at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY: Press a button and it goes from high heel to mid heel to flat. Somewhere, vertically challenged boyfriends are cheering.

3. We're ready for a female president. >>A recent poll found that 81% of voters would elect a female president if given the chance.

4. Your odds of beating breast cancer are better than ever. >>Early detection and treatment has dramatically increased survival rates of breast-cancer patients since the 1990's. More than 90% of cases are now caught in the first and second stages!

5. Less money equals more happiness. >>Happiness researchers (yes, the exist!) have found that as long as your basic needs are met, more wealth does not make you happier. In fact, it can actually trigger anxiety.

6. The hole in the Ozone is shrinking. >>Environmental awareness and action are finally starting to pay off. The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica has actually shrunk 20% since 2003.

7. Your guy loves you the way you really are. >>An impressive 92% of guys wouldn't want thier girls to get boob jobs.

8. You're safer now than last year. >>According to the Department of Justice, rates of violent crime have reached the lowest levels since 1973.

9. Botox cures wrinkles and incontinence! >>Smooth skin? Check. Sweat free armpits? Check. Now, researchers have discovered even more uses for Botox: Soothing migranes, improving speech, and taming an overactive bladder.

10. Sex makes you happier than snagging $49,999. >>Thought you could put a price on a good sex life? Two economists did it. They calculated that, in terms of happiness, having sex more often is equal to getting a $50,000 raise. Now if only we could charge overtime...

11. You can eat chocolate without the guilt. >>Ecco Bella has created "functional" chocolate. One bar relieves cramps and the other PMS symptoms; another improves skin (www.healthybychocolate.com)

12. Pandas are doing better than we thought. >>You probably haven't lost any sleep over Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing lately, but according to an official 2004 survey by the World Wildlife Fund and the State Forestry Administration of China, the giant panda population is 40% higher than previously thought.

13. Seedless lemons are now a reality. >>How many times have you silently cursed as you choked on those annoying seeds in your lemondade? A Californian agricultural company has acquired the rights to our favorite citrus, sans seeds. Check them out at www.limoneirafresh.com.

14. Our galaxy has a sparkling future. >>Astronomers have discovered that some planets in the Milky Way may contain enough carbon to produce an entire underground layer of diamonds. Bonus: as the galaxy ages, diamond planets will form more frequently! Beam me up, Scotty!

15. If you laugh a lot, you can skip the gym. >>After having subjects watch a 15 minute segment of Woody Harrelson comedy, "Kingpin," cardiologists concluded that laughter creates the same increase in blood flow as aerobic excersize. Proof that your DVD collection may just have been a better investment than that treadmill! Also proof that cardiologists need to see funnier movies... I mean, Kingpin???

Hope you all enjoyed!

p.s. Currently I'm cleaning my house! Photoshoot with moraxian on Saturday!
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