July 5th, 2005

SN - Dean

we can dance if we want to...

tonight pinkpixies7 and i are going to meet up! i'm just tagging along while she gets thru day one of her chest plate tattoo. eep! i'm going to have to wear some heavy duty work gloves to dodge some of the hand crushing action ;)

last night was relaxing and fun, ivey, robbie, and i played "Scene It"! that game really kicks! good times :) i bet it'd be fun with 6 - 8 people in teams! lol

i also got my new mood icons set up last night, i made Smith faces for my journal. it wasn't too hard... i used the button purposefully because i like em for my new layout plus i didn't have to ditch the quality that you lose when you make gifs.

so anyways... what do you think?

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