July 6th, 2005

SN - Dean


Last night I went with pinkpixies7 to get her new tattoo and meet the artist since we've spoken a few times through myspace... so we got there around 5:45pm. her appointment was actually at 5:30 but i had gotten mixed up with the directions so Faith to the rescue! hehehe

so we get there and he's not there... turns out... he's in JERSEY! wtf?! so he had forgotten all about her appointment. she was really out of sorts since she came all the way up from Frederick *this place is 35 mins from me, so you can only imagine how far it is for her!* he felt so bad when we got him on the phone that he said he was jumping in the car and that if she could wait he was going to be there in 2 1/2 hours.

she decided after her 3 hour drive to get there it was more worth it to wait the 3 hours until he came versus driving home. i stayed with her and we went on a trip down memory lane to her old home and by the water there... then we went to visit her father and see pea brain ;) while we were there she had told me that the artist hadn't drawn anything up yet and was going to have her pick some ideas from the wall... of course she didn't want to do that. so while we were at her fathers house we looked up some images and i drew a simplistic little vine design with rose buds... she liked it enough to use it as her suggestion for what she would like done.

when we got back and finished stuffing our faces with sheetz... he finally shows up! so by about 9pm things were finally in motion. he actually widened the image of my drawing and made it more *flash* style and ta-da! a few hours later Faith has a *FREE* tattoo of *MY* design on her chest!!!!! ::squee::

i'm so proud!

it looks super pretty too! i can't wait to get my kitty touched up (it's super faded) and i'm going to get vine work done around my sides and down my buttcrack. just my kitty will cost me $60, but that's because of the detail and the artist who would be doing it is specialized in the detail that i need it to be done with. who knows about the vine work, the same guy who did Faith's will be doing that for me, but unfortunately i'm not lucky enough to get it done for free ;)

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SN - Dean

woo hoo!

Check it out!

i'm getting a free new webcam from Comcast... gotta love that promotion ;)

my current cam is so old... it's basically dirt...
it was given to me by an old roommate when i was still at west virginia wesleyan college...

i used to get online with it all the time, that was back when! lol

now that i have a new one, maybe i'll find a way to integrate it into my new website and it'll be sweeeet! you can watch me being goofy retarded again! i know i used to talk to decima while i was on cam while i was painting! i miss that...

now what i really need to make my website work is:

*a design for PHP photo layout
*a new digital camera with a flip lense/screen
*a host and the info needed to get my webcam up and running on my site when it gets here in a few weeks

then we'll be in business!

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