August 17th, 2005

SN - Dean

movin' !!!!!!! again !!!!!!!

Celestial is on the move again! This time it's going to be for a while as long as things go well... after moving 7 times since September of 2003 (mind you 5 of those moves took place between September '03 and January '04!) I'm sick of moving!!!! bah!

I'm moving in with Ivey! Yes, we're finally taking that step... of course this means I haven't been online for the past few weeks since we've been so busy getting things put together at both places... we should have the internet connected at his place very shortly, I'm shooting for it to be up and running after the 29th.

Speaking of the 29th, I start taking my Towson Univ. Geology class that day too! Trying to finish up school one or two classes at a time! w00t! w00t!

Now I am definitely SUPER BROKE! dah dah dah DA!

We have a wishlist posted on under my email ( if anyone is interested in sending us housewarming gifties! I'll be adding more odds n ends today since work is pretty slow....

Horrorfind Weekend V is at my hotel this weekend!!!!! I can't wait to see Bruce again!!!!

yee haw!
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