August 30th, 2005

SN - Dean

much needed moving update...

okay, so here's the crazy mad world i live in...
of course, yet again, moving to a new home... i'll be living here for quite a while until i have the money to move into a house. i am NOT moving to another temporary home from here. i mean it this time really!

so here's the latest poop on the scoop.

i have almost all of my things out, my brother is now moved out completely and his room is empty... so you would think this would be perfect for Nader to move in his new roommate??? no!! he wants to make life difficult and move this guy into the larger bedroom causing me to rush to get the tail end of my things out, plus making him move his things to the smaller room, plus rushing poor faith on top of it (which, don't worry girl... Ivey & I are going to store your bed for you at his place) when he had told her she could store it there until November... how the hell is this going on anyway? well... that's the tricky bit...

so when my brother said he was moving out my parents felt that until Nader had a roommate the difference of rent ($110 per month) for Sky's room would be paid for by them. whenever he got a roommate they would no longer be obligated to give him any money, but they felt it was thier responsibility to cover the expenses induced by sky leaving until Nader found a roommate.

Nader told me he had a guy coming to look at the place in 2 weeks... i told him i would unfortunately not be able to completely remove all of my things until the 3rd, he said that would be fine. i called him yesterday and he says that this new roommate of his has already begun moving his stuff in on August 28th! then adds that he needs to get my things out because they're in the way!!!!!! ummm well, if i do the math, 2 days is not 2 weeks!!!!!! then he says that the guy won't be living there for another 2 weeks and that he just wants to move his things in.... still, not my problem. so when i ask him if he is charging the guy rent he said he is only charging him $200 as half the rent and won't ask him for any money for the utilities for the month. so then i tell him since he has a roommate he should let my parents know he says this:

"if your parents can still help me out with the hundred dollars for the month, that'd be great."

fucking asshole.

i can't believe he feels that he shouldn't charge this guy who's been moving his shit in since before September 1st... but that it's fair to take my parents money!!!! i loathe him.

so the nice thing is he doesn't know i already recieved the check, and i'm going to use that money to pay towards my books for the semester. HA! he's not getting a dime. i already discussed it with my mother and she totally agreed. my father pays for the check so we don't want to tell him, i'll just take the money and he'll never know the wiser.... that way there won't be too much drama.

i just can't believe he would be such an anus !\

SN - Dean

in continuation

so we were to pick up the rest of my things on the 3rd (this saturday... Ivey's birthday is on Sunday..) and my roommate knew that... and he calls me JUST 15 MINUTES AGO here at work to tell me his roommate now wants to move in on the first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a bastard!

i'm so flippin' pissed off right now... i could really just scream and flip out if i do run into him when i go there tonight because i have to grab up the rest of my shit there so that Ivey can go in tomorrow and pick up the rest of the furniture. i mean, this is ridiculous!!!!

first off, he's pushing me to move earlier and earlier
second, he's told me that we could store certain things there that i couldn't take up right away... and now he's asking me to get it out of the way
third, he tried to screw my parents into giving him money

i know he's off today, if he knows what's good for him he won't dare come into the apartment while i am there... i will freak out on him at this point.

i'm so angry there's not even words... i'm sure i'm not even piecing this together totally right now since i'm so mad, i appologize for that. but i think the frustration speaks for itself anyways.

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