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September 7th, 2005

SN - Dean

all moved in!

Posted on 2005.09.07 at 08:17
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
so i'm finally settled in! i still don't have the internet up and running just yet, but will be working on that... we should be up and running by next month. so for now, i will just continue to update whenever i can from work.

i have $30 to last me till next tuesday, but at least i can say that i don't have any problems with my ex-roommate right now... i don't owe anything more to him because everything was fully paid out before i left, my things are completely gone from there... and he has a new roommate so he can't complain about any more to me.

next week when i get paid the bills will take my check again, so i'm not planning any special thing for my birthday... can't afford it this year!!! i have been in this position almost every year... hopefully that will change by next year... i'm tired of being po folk!

i still need to get a play pen for my ferrets to run in, right now i can't let them run the roost because ivey's allergic to them!! so i want to get on of those expandable, fold-away pens for them to have to run in and a pad for the floor underneath so they have space to play with no accidentals on the floor ;) i feel bad for them that they don't have any run time just yet, although i know they are balls of internal energy raging on fire to get out and play i think they've been very good about it lately, almost as if they understand.

i still have no plans for my birthday... so far i have plans for the day of the 17th, then i am going to the renaissance festival on the 1st, and the next weekend pinkpixies77 and i are getting together for a photoshoot with moraxian... but every other friday night and saturday night is open! i'm thinking of taking off for my birthday on monday the 26th... so it'll be a nice long weekend... who wants to party with me!??!

and anyone feeling especially nice can check out my wishlist on Amazon it's listed under my email: heavenlyferrets@aol.com


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