September 14th, 2005

SN - Dean

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finally! everything is moved in and settled (for the most part) :) i still have some things that i would like to set up: pictures, paintings, etc, etc. otherwise we've done what we can for now and it's liveable. heh!

i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, i have "abnormal cells" (once again, not surprised... i didn't know i had NORMAL cells!) so i'm going to get a colposcopy done tomorrow evening. yea, i'm really lookin' forward to it...

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i know you wanted to hear about all of that, this is why i made it a cut text! lol

so this is my exciting week! isn't everyone jealous?! we are planning to have a few people stop by on Saturday for a cookout... of course i have got it in my gut that nobody will show up, sadly, this is what i'm used to anymore. it's not like the old days where i would have awesome parties where everyone went skinny dipping at the beach and sang aweful kareoke... it's harder and harder to get people together with each year it seems. it sucks to grow up and get busy... i know, because i feel like one of those people... everyone always has gatherings on days where i have to be up at 4:30am the next day, so i feel like a left behind lamer too. *le sigh*

sometimes i just wanna boogie!


p.s. the internet is not up at the new place yet, which is why i've not been around to update so much. i will try to update whenever i get the time at work!

p.p.s. sorry about all of the broken pictures and things... unfortunately i still don't have a website back up and running... meh... one of these days i'll see about investing some of my very hard earned dollars into it, but not right now. i am still REALLY trying hard to catch up with all of my bills...
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