September 22nd, 2005

SN - Dean

another update from wonderland

Ugh... i have such a headache! my head is all oogie and the phone just won't stop ringing! meh :/

i tell ya it's maddness here certain days... sometimes i feel as if i broke open the mercury and my mind is finally set free... then again i guess if it really were the case... i wouldn't have such a pounding brain, now would i?

my birthday is coming up, it certainly doesn't feel that way though... i had a few friends visit last Saturday just to come in and view the new place... but this weekend i have no plans set for my birthday. isn't that ridiculous?! well, i guess it's better off since i am totally broke and the hotel has cut back hours so it's not like it'll be any better any time soon. i can't wait until the end of december! then it's official, i'll be a one year employee, due a raise, and vacation time! woo hoo!

well, if anyone has any great (cheap) ideas for my birthday or wants to hang out/ meet up/ do something i am definitely up for it! let me know!! :)

oooh my mom gave me and ivey a brand new bed set that's really nice! now i sleep like heaven! thanks momma cat!!!


p.s. and for anyone who just wants to give in to my needies, check out my Amazon Wishlist... it's listed under
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