November 1st, 2005

SN - Dean

happy halloweenie!!!

okie dokie, we were supposed to go camping and hiking this weekend but they were calling for icky weather so we cancelled the trip...

Friday ~ Ivey broke his pinkie toe in 2 places while working a "half day" since he had become available... i guess if we had gone camping that might have been avoided! go figure! we spent Friday at the hospital...

Saturday ~ I made Ivey a nice big breakfast and cleaned up the little fuzzbutts and had them run around and enjoy the nice morning too. about 3pm i made my way downtown to see decima for the first time in the flesh... she bought anorexic pumpkins for us to carve up *squee!* ((i say anorexic pumpkins cause they weren't itty bitty mini ones, but they were on the small side, the degenerates left over)) we liked them they were kinda cute! she got the biggest one and carved in the face of Napolen Dynamite ((it looks so much like him too!!!)) and mine is a cheshire cat ((it looks a little bit like it has major overbite!)) both came out very cool, and i got to drool on her dolls and catch salmonella from her turtles... it was fun!! i can't wait to do it again soon :)

Saturday night ~ Lauren and Kent came to join Ivey and I for horror movies, pizza, and drinks... it was a lot of fun until the dvd player just decided it wanted to die... then Ivey had a lot of fun breaking it in the driveway and we brought mine out of the bedroom. heh :) the rest of the night went rather well... but kent wound up sick at some point in the night and the party kind of ended after that.

Sunday ~ a trip to BJ's Wholesale Club to see if we could get some pricing on dvds and buy my new spice rack... then to Best Buy for more price checking... last trip was to Giant where we stocked up big time on thier sale items. our kitchen is more stocked than it has ever been!

Monday ~ my car got all new brakes put on!! now it just needs new tires on the back and a rotation and allignment and all will (hopefully) be well with it... besides my exhaust... which i have the pipe for replacement.... that might get done this week... i hope!

Monday evening ~ i had class... then went home with a wicked toothache... i now need to get an appointment down to see a dentist!!! my teeth are killing me, especially on my right side. i need to get my wisdom teeth out badly!!!

and that leads me to a wacky weekend tale unfolded... nothing spectacular happening ((except for friday cause deci made my day!!!)), just a series of unfortunate events leading me to a broken wallet! lol

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