November 29th, 2005

SN - Dean

newest in litter training updates

i know i haven't updated about my babies in a while, but i have to rave about the goings on of last nights events!!!

so i came home and Ivey freaked me out by bombarding me when i came through the door; "Baby! You HAVE to clean the ferrets!! They smell so bad and Love Bug has just gone to the bathroom all over the floor and there's urine everywhere!"

Okay, so the back story... Love Bug has been a hassle since she moved into the ferret mansion... she rebels against the idea of litter training. she got really bad lately and started going right in the corner of the cage where the doors are and it was trailing all down the cage!

so back to the story: Ivey's telling me i've got to clean the cage... i just walked through the door... i have been working since 5:30am and now it's 7:30pm and i get home and now i have to clean up stink butt...

i was pissed so i ran in to throw down my stuff and changed my shirt really quickly so i could get started on the clean up... i walk in and Ivey's like "just LOOK at that cage!!!" so i look in...

he had cleaned the whole thing!!! not only that he added 2 new corner litter boxes and had velcro to set everything on the floor so that there was a litter box in 3 corners and the food dish in the other...

and guess what.

she used the box!!! twice last night and once today so far!!! i'm so proud.

:) Ivey rocks!

and Love isn't doing so bad now either!