May 6th, 2006

SN - Dean

deci's moving again

I'll miss having u so close decima!!!

I had so much fun tonight... I can't wait to post some of our crazy pictures... i'm gonna be dreaming of hammers and hairless weirdos with pink deedos tonight ;) LMFAO!

We will have to see each other again... I'll need a deci fix, cause I'm addicted now! Just be sure to tell that Texan that he had better not call and ruin my buzz again! hehehe

Tell mom I said Thanks for the MONOGONTWON!

p.s. Thing 1 & Thing 2 made it here okay and they're all bouncy in their new environment. I'm going to leave the light on for a little bit before I go to bed so they can check everything out :)
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