May 30th, 2006

SN - Dean

oh i hope!!

i really hope i hear from shannon this week and set up for a second interview!!!!! i really need that job...

turns out my car is about to crap out. as much as i can't afford to, i have to look into getting a new ride... especially if i am going to get a job 40 min away from home...

then of course that's the other thing... looking for a home! i want to be able to find a place and stop renting... of course, i found a PERFECT place (fixer upper) that is cheap for here but i still can't afford it. Check it out by clicking here. It's beautiful, isn't it?! I could probably take out the full loan (if i found a place that would accept my poo poo credit... but even then i think we'd need to rent a room out to one of our friends for a while, which isn't a problem... and neither is the fixing up... it's the money that's the issue.

so today i'm checking out carfax and other places online for pricing on a new-used car... i think i'd be lucky to get $700 for my '88 acura legend at this point. i need a sugar daddy ;) lol (i'm sure ivey wouldn't mind! hehe) i've always wanted a '99 vw beetle (i love the old beetles but can't drive a stick and dammit i don't havto!) i guess any volkswagon would do... they're nice cars.

i know nothing about cars... my brother said i should look for a hyundai sonata (i DO know i want a V6, i'm no granny to the road!) ugh... i can't stand searching for serious shit like this... it sucks when you don't have the cash flow.

i guess i'm just going to settle being "hood rich"

better go for now... i'm outta pre-paid minutes, yo!
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SN - Dean

i'm tired of looking up cars

fuck it... maybe i should get into my crafty side and dig up some ideas for making money... i've already learned my paintings don't really have the ability to make me wealthy... so maybe something else...

i'm still working on a blythe transformation to sell, it should make me some money, but takes a long time to do and it would be more of an on-going hobby i think.

so... what about tee-shirt transformations? punk tees and stuff? i think that could be fun, and maybe i could even sell some? worth a try... anyways, i would need to buy a couple of books on how to do it... and some tee shirts and things to start with. of course, it takes money to make money... fuckin' hate that!!

anyways, check out what i've been drooling over in my amazon wishlist and hottopic wishlist to see some of my ideas (of course, you realize some of these things are just things i like!) lol

i think you can see either by plugging in my email: