January 5th, 2008

SN - Dean

Spook's Big Surgery

My spooky boy went to the vet today to get fixed and they were also going to stich up a hernia in his belly that he had had since he was a baby... turned out to be bigger than they thought and he has a 7" incision with staples! My poor baby has to be confined from any place he can hurt himself and wear the collar and take meds for 2 weeks! Poor baby...

He was my first big expense of the year... worth it... as much as it hurts my piggy.
SN - Dean

ahhh 2008

Last year was full of a bunch of bummers... this year isn't looking too promising yet... but it's early, I'll give it a chance.

So far this year I've decided my car (1988 acura legend) is on its last leg and I'll need to save up in order to get a replacement... I don't think it will make it through another winter.

Still haven't heard about how much my DUI is going to cost me... somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000 more than the already shelled out $2,000 for the lawyer. I took out a small loan for that... more debt! hooray!!!

Paid over $3,000 in hospital bills last year... another "oh no" for my money woes... and I wonder why I can't afford a new car??? lol

Took my kitty to the vet today to get fixed... he also had a hernia which needed to be stiched up... turns out it was a lot bigger than the vet thought it was and put a 7" long incision in my babies belly. :( he has to wear a collar around his neck and be confined for 2 weeks!!! I feel so bad for him... and even though I am happy that we got him taken care of, that cost me another $411.00 that I don't have!

I WAS fairly caught up until my brother's wedding hit us in the face... we had 3 weeks notice! (mind you, this was before Christmas too!) Ivey and I bought the cake and of course, clothes to wear... plus all of the albums and photos and what-nots. Couple hundred buckaroos there too... probably close to $400 in photos alone. The cake was another $200. Ivey's suit cost about $280 (before alterations) and my dress and shoes were about $150.

My cost of living suddenly skyrocketed this year, and of course my paycheck seems to just get smaller and smaller... I am probably going to be looking at getting a second job to the job that's already got me working 11:00pm - 7:00am (in the middle of the night!) It makes it hard to figure out when to work somewhere else and still fit in enough time to sleep... and where do I go for that part-time job that would be worth my while in pay? *sigh*

I have all these high hopes for things in my future... like getting married, buying a car, buying a house, having a baby, and getting back into my art... right now it seems like these things just get further & further away from me.


I'm still trying to keep my hopes up for 2008 though!!! seriously!
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