January 7th, 2008

SN - Dean

at work again...

so today i think my plan is to get my computer desk and printer/scanner & laptop set up so that i can finally use it all... not that i get to do that much over dial up. i'm off at 4:00 am tonight so i think i'll go home and snooze... get up and start running around the house getting stuff done.

we still have our christmas decor out! lol

well, lets see how much i get to between that chore and taking care of my little guy. he was able to wiggle his way out of his cone last night while i was at work... it's going to be interesting seeing how he'll be for the next 11 days without any pain meds.

ugh... dial up!!!! i've been lucky that work has been slow enough lately that i can catch up on here... I CAN'T WAIT FOR OUR AREA TO FINALLY CATCH UP WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD! it's like a hillbilly nightmare, i mean... even my parents house out in the middle of nowhere st. mary's county has high speed now... so why don't we?? where we are in Pennsylvania may be an affordable place to live... but it definitely is lacking in other things...

all for now... unless i think of something else later! i'll be posting my daily pic :)

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