January 8th, 2008

SN - Dean

Satan's Garden

There's this Satan head that is in the front of our house. Ivey's mother put it there when she lived here... It's currently white sculpture... every time I see it I want to paint it red! Sure, it's cool and it's subtle... but It's one of those compulsions I guess... maybe in spring when the yard gets a total makeover it'll have a new look ;) hehehe

It's not that P didn't have neat taste, it's just that it's not all my taste and it reminds both myself and Ivey of the times when his parents lived here and his father was alive... I don't want to necessarily "get rid" of everything... but I do want to change things around enough to make it "ours" and be able to make new memories of our space.</p>
SN - Dean


yesterday i DID manage to get my computer desk and that box of things i needed to organize back on it together... one thing accomplished. i still have a few things that need to come down here and get on track with it... but at least i feel like some work was done.

today i saw something on the news from Discovery Health about a National Body Challenge... you can sign up for free health tips, recipes, and set a goal for weight loss or energy, etc... so i signed up! It also offers a free 2 months at Bally's fitness, so I of course printed the coupon. I'm going to try to go whenever I can. only problem is it's about 45 minutes from my house. bleh. But it's only 25 minutes away from where I work so i might try to see about going after work in the mornings... we'll see how that goes! lol

Spooky boy is feeling it today! you can tell he's sore since we took the pain patch off... i think he's a little bummed out about being stuck in a room by himself too. :( 10 more days, trust me... i'm counting them down!

all i can think of for now.

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SN - Dean

LG enV

It seems like everyone got this phone this year... in orange too! ivey took me out to replace my camera when our 2 years came up... i wanted one with a keyboard for texting and better photo quality. this is what takes most of my 365/6 photos! i love my new enV :)