January 14th, 2008

SN - Dean


sorry about the all at once photo of the day update... i was off work the last two days and usually upload them from my phone while here on high speed ;)

i will be off again tomorrow so who knows if i'll get to post again tonight... Spook will be getting his staples out today around 10am :D

I can't wait!!! He'll be soooo happy to be out of that damn kitty hood.

on another note, i'm very tempted to call the ASPCA in my area regarding all the strays... it's a hard thing to decide on though because i worry that they'll put down most of the cats if they catch them since they're all wild. but lately it's gotten to be worse and worse, there's so many of them... plus Fat Cat seems to be getting beat up the last few nights. I heard him scream one night on the porch and ran out there in time to scare the other cat away and saw poor fats chunks of fur flying around. he was ok, just some fur pulled out and a little nick on his nose. But last summer he cost me a fortune because a cat had clawed him deep and he had a bone infection from it. I'm tired of worrying about my babies! Unfortunately, as much as I would like for them to be indoor cats they have both grown up being able to be outside and they won't have it. what should i do?????? i feel sad for the cats, but i can't afford to worry about mine either...

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