August 8th, 2008

SN - Dean

Ferret Frolic : Little Smith

Ferret Frolic : Little Smith, originally uploaded by purekitte.

This is an older painting i did... but i was just thinking of it today and felt like posting it...

i have been looking through my paintings and things... i'm considering selling some of my art and creating some new things to see on Etsy... my friend Deci convinced me to take a look there. It's a really cool site!

I'm doing much better now, but I got my gall bladder removed about two weeks ago... my first major surgery! hehe i have less parts now.

Of course when things are bad they always get worse... I had to take all that time off from work to get myself better... and now I have to get a root canal! My tooth is absessed and killing me! Go figure... one pain to another... and more money out of my pocket! (the lint is all that's left and I may have to try to auction it off at this point! lol)

I still hope things will get better for me one day....