April 6th, 2009

Trouble - Eeyore

This weekend I...

finished my taxes... that was pure hell... still is. Due to a screw up on behalf of the company I formerly worked for. (Seriously, f*ck the Marriott in Hunt Valley... why I ever went back there is beyond me. Even if I was desperate for a job at the time...) They sent part of my state taxes to MD instead of PA. Had I caught on sooner it would have been less of an issue... but still would have been a problem. I had to pay for an extra addition to my turbotax program, which was uber expensive this year as it was. Plus, since PA taxes more I owe them MORE than I am getting back from MD. This seriously pisses me off too. The icing on the cake though is that because I am an idiot and it took me so long to get this all situated and put in, my taxes due to PA are scheduled to be taken out on the 15th of April... I then received an email saying they believe I should receive my payment from MD on the 17th of April...

How am I going to be able to give them $711.00 on the 15th when I only get paid $800.00 on the 10th and have more than $89.00 worth of bills to pay before these dates come to pass!

Not only that, but because I made less last year than I did the year before that I am getting back a whopping $600 less...

I'm a little depressed & freaked out right now.
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