April 7th, 2009

Serene - Stargirl


I have so many things I need to do, I keep stopping myself to remind myself not to worry about stupid crap... when the hell did I become suzy freakin' homemaker anyways?!

haha pinkpixies7 is going to be visiting me this Friday... haven't cleaned and I can't afford much in the ways of food or drink... any ideas, Faith? lol

normally I have people over and we treat to a nice big meal, whatever... snacks, drinks, the works!

my house is also not cleaned or organized, lol. (well by MY standards it's not... but I always feel like our carpet is dirty cause it's a billion years old and I hate it.)

so, ummmm... yes... be that a warning for you!! hahaha

I can say I have plenty of movies and a digital camera, so I know we will have fun no matter what! we may just be starving artists... since when has that ever really changed?
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