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life at 87?

so i have to say i've been just so busy lately... it's insane how things can just pop up on you like that! with no warning what-so-ever...

ivey's brother, whit, decided early last week that he was moving out... to california. his company apparently got a new warehouse built there and was moving the headquarters and he was going with them. okay, not only was everyone shocked, but now there was a bigger problem to deal with; what was their grandmother going to do?

see, whit was living with the grandmother as her caretaker... she is 87 years old and looks a little bit like the crypt keeper at this point. she has a lot of trouble getting up and down stairs so he was there to do all of the laundry, groceries, cooking, cleaning, etc... so that she was simply looked after and that the house was taken care of, in return, he was living rent free.

he didn't do anything like he was supposed to.

he left on friday, he asked for all of us to come and pickup his things whenever possible... he also has a cat named fishhead which he left behind and their parents were taking it home. (it's a fat, orange cat kinda like garfield)

last night ivey's parents were going to the house to pickup whatever they could and assess the situation, we went to meet up with them and help out.

first off, the house was super dusty, cobwebs in every corner, probably never cleaned in whole year he'd been living there... reminded you of the munsters house on 1313 mockingbird lane, but it was grandma and not grandpa who answered the door looking a little frightful! i told ivey we'll make time to go over there and really clean house, it'll make her feel much better, him too. maybe for christmas we'll get her dog groomed (he's a notted mess too).

secondly, what is the grandmother going to do? she's going to be living there alone... according to her, she doesn't want anyone else living with her. it's sad to think that she's going to be there by herself... i know it's really got ivey worried... he's going over there this weekend to fix some things about the house... the dryer valve is broken, the ceiling tiles in the basement are falling down, the handle of the basement door is broken... i'm sure he will find other things later, but between the disrepair and the dirt... it's enough to concern him now.

thirdly, whit left almost everything he owned... their mother gave all of his clothes to goodwill and threw out a bunch of garbage from his room... he left tons and tons of tapes and cds (his dad was excited about that!) ivey and i took a few things for ourselves... he had some playstation games that i took with us, a set of chinese chess checkers, a board game "Cranium", 2 dvds i've never even heard of, a cute gargoyle statue, a little pink sculpy dragon (i think izzabella might have made), a book of rolling stone photography, a book of lego art, a dvd player, and a stereo. ((the dvd player we needed desperately because one of ours broke recently, and the stereo is great because it connects to the surround sound in our living room!)) ivey felt weird about taking these things, but we simply said, he's not coming back for it.

i know none of this is directly my problem, but i feel for the old lady, she's always sweet to me when i visit... and ivey likes her... but the rest of the family says we don't know her well enough and that she's a horrible old bat. i just want to make sure she's okay, ivey feels strongly about it and i agree... it's almost as if nobody else cares.

so that's the story so far, we'll see how things progress...

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