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SN - Dean

Bad timing for great opportunity?!

Posted on 2005.11.17 at 08:19
Current Mood: workingworking
is there such a thing?!

i recieved a call today from my former human resources director... she said they have an opening there for an entry level sales coordinator position at her hotel, which means great opportunity and good money!

the kicker is... i would be starting all over somewhere else... it's not a Marriott, this means my insurance would have to wait to kick in... plus i would lose my vacation time (i'm almost at one year so i would have earned it by january!!!) i've never had vacation time... i'd personally love to have a chance to take a little time off with pay!!! i've earned it damnitt!!!

i just don't know... i think that if i did switch, i might have to work here 30 hours every other week just to keep the insurance and then take my vacation hours when i need a break... i need the insurance right now... after what happened before and since my wisdom teeth have been acting up i can't afford to not have it.


i don't know, we'll just have to see what happens.... i have to call her either during a break or at 4pm today so that nobody here hears me...

i think this time it might actually be fun to say "i was offered this position at a different hotel" and have peoples jaws hit the floor, i've applied for sales here at our hotel before and i've applied for manager of ays... they tell me that they won't hire anyone for the position until january... i mean, what more do these people want from me? if they expect me to train everyone in guest services (i've trained 10 people now) they want something for nothing as long as they can get it...

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