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i have such a wicked headache... it hurts so bad i can't sleep and i want a nap sooo bad...

the interview went okay... but i have to say i don't want the job. not there... i just want a better job at my hotel. i don't think they'll offer it to me, but if they do at least it might get me some leverage for getting promoted at my hotel. it's hard to explain the atmosphere at the other place, but overall the position they were offering me is not worth all of the trouble i would have to go through starting over there. if i am patient something good will open up for me here and i think i'd much rather it that way.

man, it's freeeeeeeeeezing in here!!!

oy vey mah head! owie :(

today was rough, it wasn't just going to an hour long interview... it was also the fact that there was big trouble at our hotel overnight and now there's going to be this investigation... yay!!!

my department is in charge of signing off (witnessing) keys as they are passed to departments, when they are not in use we lock up the keys... apparently the bar keys and the liquor keys went missing somewhere overnight... between the time i left at 4pm and the time i arrived to work at 5:30am... so of course i had to explain to everyone in the world just how the key system works and why thier idea that:

"it must have been someone in AYS or at the Front Desk!"

is not necessarily true. for one, this person knew the keys, gained access to the key to AYS (locked at night) to get those keys... yes they did know the code... but they also had to have the liquor room and paddock down to a tee as well. PLUS they cut a chain AND they got access to a flat bed and used it to steal the goods...

let me just say that most of us in AYS and at the desk don't even know where in the hell the liquor room is, it's not something we ever have to worry about. AYS is mostly made up of women, and those who were working last night... one of them is new to the place, the other has been there for years and years working part time and is very Christian. ummm yea... they sure did it.

then there's the desk employees from last night... the girl working also has a daytime job and works nights part time, she's exhausted! besides she has too much work to do as night audit and has to be stationed at the desk at all times. the guy working last night, well... he is fairly new... and an idiot, no way could he have pulled it off while at work either.

those of us from the two departments not working at the time who might have "snuck in" really appreciate our sleep too much to actually deprive ourselves of it to come in and steal booze.

so i think the desk associates may be ruled out on this one... but who knows what will happen....

owie... my head...


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