Celestial Heaven (purekitte) wrote,
Celestial Heaven

  • Mood:

miserable !#$%$#! thumping!!


i just woke up... i have been sleeping since 6:30pm last night...

ivey tried to wake me up for dinner and i just fell back asleep, i woke up again later when he was in bed and was like "god, did i miss dinner?" he was like "yea, slept right through it..." then he brought me some tylenol and... back to sleep!

it's still there, i don't know what the hell caused this... it's stress related maybe??? i'm just miserable right now :(

i hope it goes away sometime soon... i am supposed to go see decima today... but i don't want to go and be all bummy with my dumb headache!! grrrrrr....

i'll just go have some cereal, even though i don't feel hungry, maybe it'll help if i eat something...

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