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today's inspiration

i spent the day with decima today and had such a good time! i probably laughed more today than i have this whole month :) i brought over a bundle of different fabrics and things for her to make dresses from and i tried my hand at making one but i totally suck at it! lol

i also brought my falls over and she checked them out for me, it turns out they're not really finished yet, i have to add some more to them... but she actually opened my eyes a lot about what i am really going to do now... but i won't tell you just yet! lol!

i'm so excited about it, i'll be making a livejournal really soon that will show you exactly what i'll be putting out there... some of you might think i'm totally goofy, but hey... it's finally working out that we have something to collaberate on and that's exactly what we were looking for.

i love her mom, she's really talented and a lot of fun too! i almost didn't want to leave because i felt like i could just spend all day there doing our arts and crafts and goofing around :) maybe even listening to the wacky, cult sororiety drunken neighbors and making fun of them some more!

anyways, it's time for me to have some dinner!

thanks for the good times deci! i'll let you know when i post my new lj!!!


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