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lots of holiday shopping, i am now officially broke!!! weee!

i'm almost done, now i just have to do all of the stocking stuffers and a gift for my brother. phew!

my mother and i decided to plan our trip for the 6th-8th of january to go to NYC! we'll be seeing either "wicked" or "spamalot" (i'm not really interested in seeing the producers...) besides, tim curry will be in "spamalot" hehe i would love to see it!

i'm working on my wishlists if anybody is interested... you can check out my amazon.com or hottopic.com wishlists by searching for my email: heavenlyferrets@aol.com... i don't rember how to tell you to look up my victoria's secret wishlist off the top of my head... i'll look into that later...


p.s. still working on those christmas cards, they shall be sent soon!!!

p.p.s. jsjackso did you get my package yet????

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