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New York, New York!

So I'm finally home for more than just a few hours! I just want to let everyone I haven't called lately know I'm sorry I've been so busy... things are finally going to be settling down now... Since the holidays Ivey hasn't even seen me much at all. I got home from visiting my parents over the holidays then started my new job and the very next weekend hopped on a greyhound to New York with my mom!

New York was a very interesting trip! We stayed in Uniondale... which was out of the city, but I was using an employee trade out so we were staying there for free... we decided next time we go it will be in warmer conditions and we'll stay in the city even if we have to pay for it since we probably payed about the same in traveling back and forth. I thought the train was kinda fun though!

Our journey started off pretty rough. We didn't know the greyhound station had moved, I got the old directions off the internet... oops. so we couldn't find it, then we finally saw signs for it and one sign was at a split that going one way went up to 95N and the other went to the station... well, we took the wrong way of course... but it didn't stop us! Ivey was bound and determined to get us there... even if it meant driving backwards into on coming traffic!! (seriously, it was like straight out of a movie! like the transporter or something!)

when we got to the station he jumped out of the car and started to flag the bus down, but we didn't catch them there... so we followed it up 95N and caught it at the next stop. HA!

So even though it started out rocky, the rest of the trip went off without a hitch. Friday night we checked in, got showered and dressed, and went out to the Girshwin theatre to see "WICKED" which was just AMAZING!!!!!! this was my first time seeing a musical (besides this one time I went to "Toby's" dinner theatre in the 8th grade and saw "Fiddler on the Roof") It was totally worth it to see on Broadway. The set was incredible! Everything was perfect, and the effects, and singing... wow! I LOVED IT!!

We at at Sardies before the show too... the food was excellent!

That's when we decided instead of shopping all day on Saturday, we were going to see another show! I wanted to see "Sweeny Todd" but my mother doesn't like "gore" and she wanted to see "Jersey Boys" but it wasn't thrilling enough for me. We both wanted to see "Spamalot" but it was sold out.... so we walked past the Ambassador theatre and they were showing "Chicago" with HEWY LEWIS! hahaha! That theatre sucked, but it was an awesome show and soooo much fun. My mom was all star struck cause she loves Hewy Lewis, and it was his Broadway debut.

I got my picture taken with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square!!

It was a great time, we met a girl visiting from Trinidad on our way home and she wants us to visit her someday... we're seriously conscidering it now... how could we not want to visit the islands???

Well, I'm back now, I'll finally be getting things back to normal around here...


p.s. decima I still have gifts for you and your mom! We'll have to meet up soon :) Oh! and I did get a blythe for Christmas... I got 2! And I even got a Pullip!!! Rovam! *squeels* So far I've sewn two pairs of pants, but had no other time...

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