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SN - Dean

the busy bee lives!

Posted on 2006.01.23 at 19:00
Sorry guys, with this new job I haven't gotten into the habit of planning time online at home yet. I work from 9am - 5:30pm every day now... traffic sets me back (never had to face it before!) so I don't even get home until at the earliest 6pm... then it's dinner time! I bought myself a crock pot to help save some time from now on though. It should be sweet not having to cook.... while I was at it I bought a Foodsaver! I love that thing... it means I'll probably be buying more fresh veggies and salad fixings now that I know it won't go bad in 2-3 days. for real I think that thing is going to become an obsession! I'll be foodsaving everything... I'm going to throw out all of our old tupperware as soon as I get more canisters.

anyway, I think I'm starting to get the hang of the new job... keeps me busy as hell! I don't even have time to get online and chat you guys up... not that I could if I did... It's a friggin' slow ass dell that runs on Windows 98 and can't be upgraded cause it's too old. UGH. It's hard enough working on the stupid thing. Our IT guy actually sent in an email to my boss telling them I need a new computer!

well, nothing exciting really going on... I'm probably going to lay out and play some SIMS 2 on my gamecube tonight. You KNOW I'm an addict! I've almost beat this version... I can't believe it!!! But it's sweet cause I'm going to have everything unlocked real soon.


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