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I know I've been neglecting to update lately, but life comes at 'cha pretty fast sometimes...

Mokey is sick. She's been to the vet twice in the last week. She was really weak and shaking and had bad diarrhea one night, so we went to the emergency vet and was originally diagnosed with Gastrointestinalentinitus (?) and they put her on amoxi drops and pepto and something else for 10 days... I went to see my regular vet with her a week from the same date. She still hadn't gotten any better and I worry about her not eating enough. I had been giving her some baby food to give her some nutrients. She bit the vet's assistant (not too hard, but it was weird to have her bite someone out of nowhere anyways... she has been doing that with other people than me only in the past few months... she bit decima when she visit me... it's strange that she's started doing that) So my vet actually put her on a liquid vitamin/steroid mixture.... she's on STEROIDS! strange enough now she's acting much better and it's only been 2 days having her on it... so at least that's some relieving news!

My car is broke down... on the last trip to the vet's office we realized my car was losing oil like crazy, it was leaking it all over the road! I was freaked that maybe my head gasket had blown! I can't afford a new car! I can barely afford getting it fixed! Especially with a million visits to the vet... great timing! So far I've been told my auto tech. thinks it's the oil filter housing that's cracked over time and there are some hoses which need replaced... at least that's a relief... but there's still the fact that I have to figure out how to get home today (since I have no car and Ivey can't pick me up...) at least I'm only 7 miles away.

Get this! We got a new lease and Ivey was talking to one of our neighbors about it... well she felt bad and wrote a note apologizing to us about noise and her using the washer first thing in the morning (since it's actually attached to our water heater) BUT THEN THE BITCH CONTINUED TO DO IT!!!!
I mean, WTF!? Why write me a note to apologize about using it when I am ready to shower to go to work then use it the NEXT DAY at 8am WHEN I AM GETTING IN THE SHOWER!?!?! I just don't understand some people. idiots!!! That fired me up A LOT... and of course Mokey's vet appointment and the car issue ALL happened in the same day as this so it was the best day ever... at least officially until I see the bill from my car...

All for now!

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