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Been a while

Sorry about that... things happen i guess...

So I actually went to the dentist on my insurance for the first time, boy was that a bitch... i discovered i need a crown and surprisingly caught it soon enough (could have been worse, i may have needed a root canal had they not checked and discovered my broken tooth... i never even noticed it until recently... i wonder how it happened???) anyways, it's a back tooth so at least i don't feel too hilly billy with a chipped tooth... i also have 3 small cavs and need to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed (it was all eventually going to happen anyways) of course shit like that always happens all at once. i'm glad i am making more money this year or else i couldn't afford it... not that i'm paid nearly enough... i'd still be living with my folks if it weren't for ivey taking on most of the bills.

i recieved a 32 cent raise recently, it's good conscidering i'm doing enough work for 3 people every day... and i'm still never caught up!!!!!!!!!! lets just say our sales dept used to consist of 15 people and we're now down to about 8... only 4 of us are not "newbies" in fact... two are leaving just as two are coming... so we're still down to about 8... ughhhhhhh i just wish they would promote me so i could be making a nice fat 30 thou a year. (which would technically be 40 thou if i was hired from outside... you would think they should die at the chance to hire me for so little!) it would still be around 9 thou more than i am currently making...

enough talk about money! i am working on a project to revamp a blythe doll... i am trying to make a white witch-esque OOAK narnia doll... so far so good! i found a cheap seller of hand dyed wool locks... she's super nice and i love her and don't want to share (other than maybe with decima!) lol well, ok if anyone else were actually interested i would recommend her. hehe she's super sweet and mega talented. she makes felted puppets that are really unique. i would share pictures them but she says she isn't ready to show them off yet. i will try to get more work done on my doll head this weekend... i need to retouch the face and re-matte it... other than that she's all set and ready for her hair. i need to get some materials together to do her dresses and then we're in business!!! if i can make good money selling her on ebay i will actually do some more dolls and continue it for fun! i've enjoyed it a lot so far!

enough about that... tomorrow or sunday we're going to the sugarloaf festival... wish i had more bing to spend but i have to think about the fact that in just two weeks i'm going to drop nearly $600 for my teeth!!!!! ick... and would you believe my insurance is so crappy... not only does it only cover 50%, but i also have to pay for the gas if i want it when i get my wisdom teeth out!!!! it's not covered at all! they would give me that numbing shot to the gums then tear holes in me and break my teeth then rip the shit out with just that??? fuck that. i guess i have to pay whatever that costs because i'm a big wuss! i can't handle it... pain and me don't really mix like that.

so, to all of you out there i haven't seen or spoken to a while, i miss you! i'm sorry i've been gone so long... this job keeps me pretty hellish... i'm going to be getting a laptop in september though... so i'll be getting on more often for sure then! but between now and then i'll try...

lots of lov

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