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SN - Dean

oh i hope!!

Posted on 2006.05.30 at 14:36
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
i really hope i hear from shannon this week and set up for a second interview!!!!! i really need that job...

turns out my car is about to crap out. as much as i can't afford to, i have to look into getting a new ride... especially if i am going to get a job 40 min away from home...

then of course that's the other thing... looking for a home! i want to be able to find a place and stop renting... of course, i found a PERFECT place (fixer upper) that is cheap for here but i still can't afford it. Check it out by clicking here. It's beautiful, isn't it?! I could probably take out the full loan (if i found a place that would accept my poo poo credit... but even then i think we'd need to rent a room out to one of our friends for a while, which isn't a problem... and neither is the fixing up... it's the money that's the issue.

so today i'm checking out carfax and other places online for pricing on a new-used car... i think i'd be lucky to get $700 for my '88 acura legend at this point. i need a sugar daddy ;) lol (i'm sure ivey wouldn't mind! hehe) i've always wanted a '99 vw beetle (i love the old beetles but can't drive a stick and dammit i don't havto!) i guess any volkswagon would do... they're nice cars.

i know nothing about cars... my brother said i should look for a hyundai sonata (i DO know i want a V6, i'm no granny to the road!) ugh... i can't stand searching for serious shit like this... it sucks when you don't have the cash flow.

i guess i'm just going to settle being "hood rich"

better go for now... i'm outta pre-paid minutes, yo!


pinkpixies7 at 2006-05-30 21:55 (UTC) (Link)
fees shorty. fees.

I want a new car too. Mine isn't about to die, but I worry because I don't think my little Kia is meant for all the miles I put on it. Makes me nervous. OOOO and I can teach you how to drive stick yo :-)
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