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SN - Dean

i'm tired of looking up cars

Posted on 2006.05.30 at 16:23
fuck it... maybe i should get into my crafty side and dig up some ideas for making money... i've already learned my paintings don't really have the ability to make me wealthy... so maybe something else...

i'm still working on a blythe transformation to sell, it should make me some money, but takes a long time to do and it would be more of an on-going hobby i think.

so... what about tee-shirt transformations? punk tees and stuff? i think that could be fun, and maybe i could even sell some? worth a try... anyways, i would need to buy a couple of books on how to do it... and some tee shirts and things to start with. of course, it takes money to make money... fuckin' hate that!!

anyways, check out what i've been drooling over in my amazon wishlist and hottopic wishlist to see some of my ideas (of course, you realize some of these things are just things i like!) lol

i think you can see either by plugging in my email: heavenlyferrets@aol.com

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