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I got the job!!!

sorry, i've been out and about lately... working hard for the money, yo!


actually, i had 3 job offers in one week! crazy huh? so i had my pick and chose the Social Catering Manager position at the York Holiday Inn Holidome in PA... sweeeeeeet!

go figure, my manager at my current job didn't have anything to offer me to stay... i think she's got too much pride to admit that they should really have tried to keep me since i know so much shit and work harder than majority of the people they have now for A LOT less money. sad to think that if they had promoted me she could have paid me $15k LESS than what they have to offer a new hire from the outside... so little to keep me... it's a shame i'm such a work whore and they didn't take advantage! ;) like i said, think it's a pride thing, she was set on me being in that spot for over a year before a promotion... i got another offer, they want me now... i can't wait forever. i'm impatient and DESERVE better.

funny thing is, the girl who got the job i wanted actually wants the job i got... and is talking about leaving there already.... HA!

so now i've got to "up" my wardrobe... do research on weddings, mitzvahs, and things like that... plus try to get A/C in my car.... (no a/c plus 35 minute drive in summer equals suck!) i need a new compressor... ouch.

it would be nice if i had some money to start, but i guess one can't have everything... did i mention i also have to get my wisdom teeth out? yea, before my insurance is on a 3 month lapse...

i got a LOT to do and no money or time to do it in... good times!!!

so i've got some wishlists going on again... shit i hope to eventually be able to afford for work... some for play, but mostly work... anyways, it's all on the newport news site and they don't have a link to it... stupids! but since i don't have a credit card saved in there you can get into it by going to NewportNews.com and putting in my email: heavenlyferrets@aol.com and pw is eeyore... that's there if you care to see it!

nothing much else right now... i've got jury duty next month and a new job to start... some teeth to pull... and a car to fix! ack!!!! wish me luck!!!

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