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went to da movies

it's been a while... but i'm feeling a little better (wisdom teeth) the holes are still a little sore, i can eat some solids now but i'm more like a chipmunk... all the food stored for the winter in there. i got a syringe to rinse the icky bits out after each meal... it's lovely.

tonight i went with my brother and ivey to see "POTC: Dead Man's Chest" it was awesome... especially knowing there will be another one ;) can't get enough johnny depp!

we ate at jessie wong's asian cuisine before we went in... and i choked on some seaweed that got lodged in my throat... that was good fun and embarrassment... but at least i coughed it up finally and didn't need to bring more attention to myself. i don't think anyone but our table noticed. it freaked the guys out pretty good though... not to mention the fact that i was more than a little nervous myself!

all for now! i'm still alive at least ;)
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