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now it begins

So now the fighting and maddness in the family begins...

people are already trying to claim Ivey's fathers things. It just irks me that people can be so heartless. his mom has already gone through such a shocking and heartbreaking experience and now she has family already visiting the house and telling her what they want to take of his and that she should auction off this and thats and one has even tried to claim the house computer and digital camera!!!! (this really pisses me off... what makes him think she doesn't use the computer or the camera?! what makes him think it belongs with him?!) i know it's really not all my business, but then again it is... i love my own parents but Ivey's parents adopted me a long time ago too and i love them just as much as they love me. "P" (Ivey's mom) is crafty and artistic and Walt (his dad) was eclectic and wild... i loved that about them, they appreciated my art more than my own, more "conservative", parents ever did. Ivey and I plan to take pictures of the infamous "garage" where they worked on cars together all the time as well as his office space in the basement with all the photographs and artwork all over the walls. Ivey's mom can't afford to live in that house anymore... and I can't afford to buy a house where we all could live... but there's got to be a solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!! little Izabella's growth markers are on the wall there... ugh... I hate to think of her leaving that place and going... where??

i don't know what to do... i want to help so bad. we just can't afford to do it ourselves... and Ivey's brother never has any money, we know he won't help out... he's one who's been scavenging the house already and trying to take the car! (he was using Ivey's car... it's his older brother and he's never had to pay for anything on his own, he's even living free with grandma and his mom always pays his car insurance... right now his mom needs that money) and his sister, well... she stopped talking to the family years ago. just out of the blue! so now we had to PAY a website to get her information and then when her mom called her to tell her she yelled and hung up the phone on her. WTF.

well, i don't expect anything from any of you guys, but i made up this little donation button for anyone who wishes to contribute to the family.

Thanks for listening.

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