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edward scissorhands ballet

well, just as i was starting to despair my friend Lauren decided to join me for the edward scissorhands ballet tomorrow.

i decided that with the weather being this crappy and me not feeling one hundred percent that i didn't feel completely up to driving 2 hours south to my parents house then another half hour down to her school to watch her play then getting directly into a school bus with a bunch of kids and traveling 2 hours north to d.c. then watching the ballet then back on the school bus, back to their home, then driving another 2 hours home the next day... although this may sound enticing to just about anyone anyway... it's especially not my favorite idea right now since i'm not 100% pain free and no amount of tylenol is enough to escape a headache that big.

but regardless i still really wanted to see the show and didn't have any other way of getting there... i refuse to drive to d.c. (i am horrible with directions and everytime i go there instead i end up in va)

anyways, Lauren is going to take me! I'm just really glad my mother mentioned there was an extra ticket available... i'd happily pay for that and the gas... just as long as i don't have to travel alone.

i hope it's a good show, it better be!
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